CUSP hosts small skill shares, and public workshops on any topic relating to urban sustainability. We are also working on a petition to change a Kingston by-law to allow for raising chickens within city limits.

We really like new ideas and new members! Feel free to contact us! We really like our e-mail list, but you can also stay tuned to this blog for upcoming events. We look forward meeting you!

-Your Friends at CUSP

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heating up!

Hey everyone!

We've been working through a few kinks in terms of getting our venues worked out for the spring, but it's all coming up daisies! Get excited in advance for our....

  • Anti-Opression
  • Greenwashing
  • Rocket Stoves (super compact cook stove that burns twigs!)
You'll notice that the CUSP blog has a new, shiny calendar of events! Do indeed use it to get the jump on our latest news. Book that day off in advance, tell your friends, announce it via megaphone, whatever! If you have an upcoming event to share with us that is related, we'd be happy to put it up!

E-mail us if you want to see a workshop on our schedule, or have any questions!

-Jolene @ CUSP

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