CUSP hosts small skill shares, and public workshops on any topic relating to urban sustainability. We are also working on a petition to change a Kingston by-law to allow for raising chickens within city limits.

We really like new ideas and new members! Feel free to contact us! We really like our e-mail list, but you can also stay tuned to this blog for upcoming events. We look forward meeting you!

-Your Friends at CUSP

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Here is the registration form for our Bioremediation Weekend.
Saturday May 30th 2009.
Registration can be e-mailed to, but your spot is not reserved until we receive your deposit, or confirm your spot by other means.
Deposits can be mailed to or dropped off to:
c/o Jolene Simko
7 Colborne Street - Unit 7
Kingston, ON





Are you coming from out of town?

If so, do you require accomodations?

Do you have any dietary restrictions?

How much are you able to pay?
0-50 ________
50 _________
100 _________
(we are asking for a deposit of $25, which can be waived within reason, please let us know!)
***Cheques can be made out to "OPIRG Kingston" if under $100,
or "OPIRG" if over $100, to be tax deductable.***

Please check which subjects you're most interested in
( )rainwater
( )greywater
( )mushroom logs
( )mushroom buckets
( )water testing
( )testing your home water for lead
( )katrina cleanup
( )brownfield cleanup
( )international development
( )community gardens
( )worm composting
( )humanure
( )compost pile first aid
( )advanced chemistry
( )backyard gardening
( )alternatives to pesticides

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Our movie night was a tasty success. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made it happen! We've confirmed the dates of many spring events with more to come!

Tuesday March 24th 6-9pm
Greenwashing & Eco-Cleaning:

  • Is that product really green?
  • Take-home cleaning supplies for everyone who attends!
  • Bring something shiny to polish.
  • Local eats!
Tuesday March 31st 7-9:30pm
Movie Night! Who Killed the Electric Car?
  • Learn more about upcoming events.
  • Meet the CUSP crew.
  • Biofuel chat.
  • Yummy Soup!

Saturday April 18th 10-5pm
Fire-making and Knife-making:
  • All-day Workshops
  • Fire-making: 10am-1pm
    Break! Local eats! 1-2pm
  • Knife-making: 2-5pm
  • Register early!
also happy to announce the confirmation of...
Friday May 29th @ 6pm - Saturday May 30th @ 5pm
  • How to clean polluted air, water & soil with plants, bacteria & fungi!
  • Your weekend-long, comprehensive guide!
Again, to ask about or register for any of our events e-mail

Make sure you all make it out to another great event coming up soon!
Seedy Saturday at the Public Library on Johnson on Saturday the 14th 10am-3pm.
  • Trade/buy seeds and learn about seed-saving!
  • For more info call OPIRG at 613-533-3189

See you soon!
-jolene @ CUSP

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie Night confirmed at Artel!

Movie night featuring "Garbage Warrior,"
by Oliver Hodge

  • Confirmed Movie night Tuesday February 17th
  • Doors open 6:30, meet CUSP members and eat snacks!
  • At The Artel 205 Sydenham
  • Remember to leave change in your pockets, we'll be passing around a hat =D

The epic story of radical Earthship
eco architect Michael Reynolds, and his fight
to build off-the-grid self-sufficient communities
Watch the trailer:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heating up!

Hey everyone!

We've been working through a few kinks in terms of getting our venues worked out for the spring, but it's all coming up daisies! Get excited in advance for our....

  • Anti-Opression
  • Greenwashing
  • Rocket Stoves (super compact cook stove that burns twigs!)
You'll notice that the CUSP blog has a new, shiny calendar of events! Do indeed use it to get the jump on our latest news. Book that day off in advance, tell your friends, announce it via megaphone, whatever! If you have an upcoming event to share with us that is related, we'd be happy to put it up!

E-mail us if you want to see a workshop on our schedule, or have any questions!

-Jolene @ CUSP

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sustainable in 2009!

Happy New Year from everyone at the Community Urban Sustainability Project!

Many changes are afoot!

To better respect our facilitator's schedule, we will not be bringing up Juniper (environmental engineer) to teach bioremediation until the spring. If you were excited about learning this skill, keep an eye on the e-mail list or blog to find out when it will be. Skotty of the Rhizome collective (expert in rainwater, DIY cookstoves, DIY/salvaged windmills, greywater use) will also be coming up in the spring, keep an eye on CUSP for the date announcements.

We will begin holding bi-weekly skill-shares for 2009 as of Friday January 30th. They are open to the public, and free/by donation. Each workshop will cover a new skill/lifestyle change/issue relating to sustainability. Do you have a skill you'd like to teach? Anyone is free to teach/suggest workshop topics they'd like to see/learn. Submit suggestions for any week and we will find a way to book it in, and even find someone to teach it! We are here for YOU to LEARN! (yay!)

You are also all invited to volunteer with CUSP! If you can attend at least one short meeting per month, you can be added to our admin list. What does that mean? You can help with postering, organizing, or even just sharing your views and opinions with the group! Admin/volunteers can also attend our weekend-special workshops with special out-of-town-guests for cheap/free! Yowza!

..If you'd like to start lending your time/brain to become a part of CUSP, please respond to this e-mail with your evening availability for this week, and you'll get a response with our meeting info pronto. Things we especially need help with: postering, selling cider in front of Tara's for donations, phone calls, petitioning, eerie descision-making powers.

Thanks for enjoying this update!
Hope to see you soon!

Sustainably yours,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Full-Day Event!

Our first public event was a fundraiser held on Saturday December the 13th, held at The Artel. A full day of workshops running 9-5. Winding up at 7PM with a discussion hosted by the Kingston Indigenous Solidarity Network on the subject of protests in Tyendinaga.


09-10: Matchless firemaking
10-11: Native Solidarity/Decolonization 101
11-12: Vermicomposting
10-12: Cob-mixing & building demo
1P-3P Knife Making part one
1P-2P How to Make a Bike Rack or Trailer from Salvaged Materials
3P-4P Urban Irrigation (cancelled due to lack of registration)
2P-4P Winter Bike Maintenance
4P-5P Knife Making part two
4P-5P Pasta Making (cancelled due to lack of registration)
7P-9P Kingston Indigenous Solidarity Network discussion on Tyendinaga. Held at AKA, 75 Queen St.

Dec 13

Dec 13
DIY knife making